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The Difference Is In The Details

Color Options

Mirage Systems carries a large selection of colors in cordura, parapak, webbing and tapes in stock.  Combined with our extensive embroidery options, the possible combinations for you to customize your rig are nearly limitless!  If you are finding it all to be a little overwhelming, we suggest using our stock containers and our photo galleries for inspiration.  If you find something you like we can usually duplicate it in your size.

In addition to colors, we also offer the following options:

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Give your rig the edge it needs to stand out.

Piping is a thin accent stripe in between the center flap stripes, main pin cover and reserve pin cover that adds a finishing touch.  These accent stripes add distinction throughout the center flap.  Many of our customers choose piping to add a conservative splash of color to their design.


Kryptek is our newest color option and yes, it looks as good in person as it does on the screen!

Kryptek sidewall

Split Patterns

Split patterns can create a dramatic effect!

Contrast Stitching

Contrast stitching on the binding tape can create an interesting accent to the container.  Be aware that the harness and other webbings will still be sewn in their standard color and velcro will still be sewn in black.

Contrast Stitching

Non-Standard Materials

Safety first!

As good looking as they are, Mirage containers are still safety equipment first and foremost.  All fabrics used must meet our strict quality standards and must come from an approved supplier.  We can order custom colors for you, but they are subject to minimum quantities and additional lead times.  If you wish to make a special order, contact us directly for further information.

  • Non standard materials

    Feathers, fur, and frills might look cool, but for safety reasons Mirage Systems prohibits their use. Remember, it’s a life saving device!