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Listed prices include the options already on each rig.

Photos :   Stock rigs shown are unpacked.  Wrinkles and shape will correct when packed.


    M4M & M3M have the same reserve container.

    This is a new container size; the reserve is larger than the standard M4 or M3.  Pack volume tests for all canopies are in process and this chart will be updated accordingly.  Feel free to contact us with questions.

    Icarus-World Reserve 139

    PD Optimum 143 – Recommended
    PD Reserve 143 – Recommended / Full
    PD Optimum 160 – Use the M3L or M4L


    M4 Standard Container Aprox: 18 x 11 x 6 inches
    M4 Medium Container Aprox: 19 x 10 x 5 inches
    M4 Long Container Aprox: 20 x 10 x 5 inches

    Aerodyne Research Mamba 150
    Aerodyne Research Pilot 132 – Soft
    Aerodyne Research Pilot 150 – Recommended
    Aerodyne Research Pilot7 167 ZP – Recommended
    Aerodyne Research Pilot 168
    Aerodyne Research Pilot 188 – Firm, No Larger
    Aerodyne Research Pilot7 167 ULPV – Too Soft
    Aerodyne Research Triathlon 175
    Aerodyne Research Vision 150

    Flight Concepts Rage 155
    Flight Concepts Sentry 150

    Fluid Wings Prime 170

    Icarus Crossfire II/III 149
    Icarus Omega 169
    Icarus Omni 169
    Icarus Safire II/III 149

    PD Katana 150
    PD Pulse 190  –  Firm
    PD Sabre I/II 150 – Recommended
    PD Sabre I/II 170 – Firm
    PD Silhouette 170
    PD Spectre 170
    PD Stiletto 150
    PD Storm 170
    PD Storm 190 – Recommended/Firm
    PD Vengence 150

    Precision Aerodynamics Fusion 150
    Precision Aerodynamics Nitron 150
    Precision Aerodynamics Synergy 170
    Precision Aerodynamics Xaos-21 135


    Customer Feedback – Not Independently Confirmed By Mirage

    Icarus Crossfire 139 (New Zealand)
    Icarus Crossfire 149 (New Zealand)
    Icarus Crossfire 159 (New Zealand)
    Icarus Safire 169 (New Zealand)
    Icarus Safire 189 (New Zealand)

  • This is our most up to date canopy compatibility guide, based on the canopy manufacturer’s information and our experience.
    Be aware that canopy pack volumes (even same size and same model) often vary slightly from canopy to canopy.


    How Should My Canopies Fit Into My Rig?

    For a rig to look its best, and to look great on you, it needs canopies that fit!

    We size the containers for the maximum size canopies they can comfortably hold for most packers in most locations.  Customers should note that container fit is slightly subjective.  The tightness that one prefers, others may not.  Larger sizes may be squeezed into some containers but may damage the container.  Main canopy sizing is based on using the Mirage primary closing loop location (#1 bottom flap).


    • SOFT = This is a nice fit for dry climates, such as the desert, where canopies usually pack larger.  Humidity and altitude affect ease of packing, especially zero porosity fabrics.  If you jump in a dry environment we definitely recommend you avoid choosing a firm fit.  You’ll thank us later!
    • RECOMMENDED = You, and your rig will be happy.
    • FIRM = This will be a difficult pack job to make look good.  Firm reserves will make your harness tighter in the shoulders.  Firm mains will often look ‘pregnant’.  If the fabric of the rig is stretched for an extended period, it will never shrink back.
    Materials suitable for a life-saving device

  • Canopies not listed on our chart can be packed if they meet these criteria.

    Reserve Container:

    • Your riser cover tuck tabs should not be pulling out (too much bulk up top)
    • Your reserve pin cover tongue should be fully inserted and laying flat
    • Your reserve pilot chute should not wobble when you press on it (not fully compressed)
    • The force required to move the ripcord pin should be less than 22 lbs

    Main Container:

    • Your main grommets should not be visible when your pin cover is closed (main closing loop too long)
    • The sides of the rig should not have large dents (main bag not fully rotated into pack tray)
    • Every Mirage container size has a custom fitted main bag.  If you use a different bag, your main will probably not fill the container correctly.
    • The closing loop should not go slack and the pin should not move when the main container is firmly pressed, squeezed or kneeled on (loop is too long or main is too small)
    • The rig should not look pregnant (main is too large)


    Your Mirage should look good!

    Choose your container for the canopies you will be packing into it now, not the ones you might be packing into it later.


    Pack Volume Testing : If your canopy is not listed here and you don’t have the Mirage size you want to try to pack it into, you can send it to us (or have a demo sent to us) and we will do a pack volume test at no charge.

    Canopy Manufacturers : You can also contact the canopy manufacturer and ask them how their canopy packs compared to the other canopies listed here.

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