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Efficient Reserve Container

The Difference Is In The Details

Reserve Container Design

Relied Upon By Many

The bottom-line in rapid reserve deployment is not found in any single component of the system, but rather in the synergy of multiple components working together.

We can say with confidence that your Mirage has one of the most proven and dependable reserve deployment systems in the world.


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Lower Corner Reinforcement

Just In case

Experience and history have shown that when a jumper deploys inverted, if the bag goes to one side of the container and the opposite riser group follows the bottom of the reserve container at line stretch; major structural damage to the reserve container will occur.  While we recommend against deploying in any body position other than belly to earth, Mirage has reinforced the lower corners of the reserve container with additional webbing. This reinforcement will help control and limit the damage if an off-attitude deployment does occur.

Reserve Grommet Guard

Avoid dangerous line snagging.

While there has never been an incident involving a reserve suspension line snagging a grommet, for safety we added a grommet guard to the reserve center flap.  You can depend on Mirage Systems to incorporate innovative safety features throughout all of our products using only the most reliable manufacturing techniques.


Rigger Friendly

In its own special way

Achieve safety thru simplicity.

No surprises here.  Mirage Systems uses a classic flap system.  The design of our reserve container is clean and robust.  The reserve pilot chute (the strongest in the industry) launches from a kicker flap with incredible energy (40+ lbs!).  The pilot chute must be fully covered with flaps to control its spring force, which is more than double that of exposed pilot chute designs.  That force translates into launch energy when the pin is pulled.  Yes, it’s true that Mirage reserve springs have given many riggers a black eye or chipped tooth!  The reserve container is labeled according to the closing sequence.  For a more detailed description of the closing sequence, see the owner’s manual for your Mirage Harness and Container System.


  • Reserve Container

    Reserve Container

    Reinforcement webbing on the full depth of the reserve corners.

  • Reserve Centerflap

    Reserve Centerflap

    Protective grommet guard against line snags.

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    Grommet Press

    Mirage Systems uses a powerful pneumatic grommet press for consistent, high-quality grommet sets.

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    Your rigger will appreciate the simplicity of our reserve packing procedure.