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Unsurpassed Pin Protection

The Difference Is In The Details

Reserve Pin Protection

Doesn’t hinder your reserve deployment.

The Mirage reserve flap contains a built-in hinge to assist separation during reserve deployment.  Since the pocket opening is located directly over the outside edge of the reserve pilot chute cap, the deployment force of the reserve pilot chute spring serves to untuck (slide out) rather than unfold (bend out) the reserve pin cover and #6 flap.  This avoids dissipating the pilot chute’s energy and directs it fully into launching your reserve.

The top hinge, dual sided tuck tabs and pocketed tongue results in all four sides of the reserve pin cover being secure.

Main Pin Protection

Maximum security.

Pin protection on both main and reserve containers is paramount to safety.  An accidental pin release caused by brushing against something when sitting down in the plane, the door on exit, other jumpers in freefall, or suspension lines in a canopy collision can lead to premature and/or out of sequence deployments.

The design of the Mirage provides the best pin security available in the industry.

Reserve Pin Cover

Main Pin Cover