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Reserve Pilot Chute


The Mirage reserve pilot chute uses powerful and proven technology.

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Reserve Pilot Chute

Powerful and proven technology.

Another primary advantage Mirage Systems has is our reserve pilot chute design.  The Mirage reserve pilot chute is well known among riggers world-wide for its incredibly strong spring. By using a long steel spring with 40 lbs. minimum spring tension, we achieve a fast, powerful reserve deployment without having to expose any pilot chute cap. Combining a strong spring with a smaller diameter aluminum cap, we reduce top weight by 20% and cap surface area by 30%, resulting in a lighter pilot chute with less wind resistance. Our partial-mesh canopy profile is designed to achieve full inflation even at low wind speeds. You can be confident of rapid, full pressure inflation every time.

The substitution of any of the following components with a component not manufactured by Mirage Systems, Inc. is NOT AUTHORIZED:

  • Reserve parachute deployment bag and bridle (Freebag)
  • Reserve pilot chute
  • Reserve ripcord
  • Reserve static line (RSL)
  • Trap System™️ components (RSL, Trap Line, Main Risers)

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Weight 2 lbs

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