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Additional Deployment Security

The Difference Is In The Details

Main Flap Grommet Guards

Snag-free micro-line deployments.

The popularity of micro-line has resulted in a new series of potential malfunctions including the possibility of snagging on loose grommets or closing loop attachment points.  Although 99.9% of these malfunctions can be avoided through proper rig inspections and preventative maintenance, Mirage Systems still took special notice of this problem and added grommet guards on the leading edges of potentially problematic areas.  These proactive measures help prevent possible malfunction scenarios.


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    Grommet Snag

    Damaged or poorly set, unprotected grommets (simulated here) can cause a line snag with dire consequences. Don’t let this happen to you!

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    Grommet Guard

    By covering the leading edge of the grommet, grommet guards help prevent line snagging.

  • Main Closing Loop

    Main Closing Loop

    The main closing loop has a tuck flap to guard the grommet and keep the loop in place.

  • Secondary Closing Loop

    Secondary Closing Loop

    The secondary main closing loop has no protruding parts and has guards on both sides of the grommet.

Secondary Main Closing Loop

Additional packing options.

An optional secondary main closing loop is available located in the bottom of the main pack tray.
Containers with the secondary loop also still have the primary loop location, so the user may choose which loop location they prefer.

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Main Pack Tray
Main Pack Tray
Secondary Closing Loop
Secondary Closing Loop