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Dependable Cutaway System

The Difference Is In The Details

Armored risers
Steel cable housings are built into Mirage armored risers.

Armored Risers

You won’t get into a bind.

All Mirage main risers are equipped with built-in steel hard housings to prevent entrapment of the cutaway cable ends during severe line twists.  The housings are fixed to the risers at the top end with a clamp and encased in a sleeve that floats at the bottom end to allow for cable movement.

Cutaway Handle

Easily found when you need it most.

The Mirage cutaway handle is pocketed inside the main lift web, not just Velcro’d to the back.  This provides maximum protection from dislodging, especially if taking harness grips.  In addition, the cutaway handle has an anti-roll stiffener to help prevent it from rolling under the lift web and out of reach.

You can squeeze your Mirage cutaway handle all you like; it will never go soft or flat.

End Fittings

It’s your life.  Don’t settle for cheap materials.

Mirage Systems has upgraded the cable housing terminal-end to a single piece cast stainless steel part; a Mirage exclusive.  Although these are significantly more expensive than the industry standard aluminum and plastic terminal ends, we believe they provide an extra degree of security on a critical safety component.

Hard Housings

Cut away with confidence.

Hard housings are used to route the main cutaway cables, as well as the reserve ripcord.  Mirage Systems has never used anything but full-length hard housings to protect your cutaway and reserve ripcord cables from snagging or friction.  All Mirage cable housings are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant stainless steel; so your safety is never compromised.  You can rest assured that your cables will remain unhindered even in the most demanding emergency scenarios.

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Cutaway handle
The Mirage cutaway handle is inserted into a velcro-lined pocket especially designed for a secure fit.
  • cable housing end fitting

    One Piece End Fitting

    This exclusive cable housing end fitting is yet another example of the quality you get when you choose Mirage Systems.

  • null

    Hidden Retaining Loop

    To ensure proper routing, the hard housings are securely stowed with a loop under the ring cover. This also prevents any interference with the three-ring system.

  • crimped housing

    Crimped In Place

    As an added precaution, Mirage crimps the cutaway and reserve ripcord hard housings together at their ends. This helps prevent shifting and cable exposure.

  • reserve flap

    Dedicated Channels

    Hard housings are safely secured under the reserve flap to provide efficient routing around the yoke for the cutaway housing and direct access to the reserve loop for the reserve ripcord housing.