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The Difference Is In The Details

Hardware Style

Polish, durability, and value.

3-Rings, Hip and Chest Rings, Leg Strap Adapters, Chest Strap Adapter, RSL Shackle, Cable Housings, and even the End Fittings.

Mirage Systems uses only top quality hardware from approved suppliers.  Our premium hardware is made from high-quality Stainless Steel.  As an added benefit, Stainless Steel hardware typically increases the resale value of your harness/container system.

For those who prefer a subdued look, Mirage also offers our stainless hardware with a black finish.

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  • Stainless hardware

    Stainless hardware perfectly complements the Unisyn harness.

  • Premium hardware

    Our Premium Hardware

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    Mini 3-Rings

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    Large 3-Rings

3-Ring Size

Pick the system that’s right for you.

For their compact style, mini-rings have become the most popular 3-ring option.  They provide you with the choice of (1″) mini type-17 or (2″) standard type-8 risers.  If you prefer large rings, they come with (2″) standard type-8 risers.  Large rings provide a slightly more efficient release, and are appropriate for heavier loads.

Leg Strap Friction Adapters

Your harness will remain securely in place.

Mirage Systems includes the highly regarded stainless steel ‘flip-flop’ leg strap friction adaptors as standard equipment.


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    Leg Strap Adapters