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The Difference Is In The Details

Secure Flaps

Up, down and sideways.

In freefall, loose flaps are distracting and compromise safety.  Mirage containers stay closed until YOU want them to open because our main and reserve pin covers are designed to accommodate all flying styles.  We have zero bridle exposure, and our riser cover security sets the industry standard for reliability and safety.

Vertical Flying Friendly

Designed with high speed flying in mind.

Freeflying pushes any rig to the limit by applying high aerodynamic forces at arbitrary angles.  At these speeds and attitudes, loose flaps and premature deployments are absolutely unacceptable.  Mirage containers are designed with these principles in mind because vertical flying is the most challenging environment that a rig will deal with.  Bridle exposure, riser retention, pin covers and other critical components are all tested and proven to provide Mirage owners with confidence and peace of mind.

Tapered Design & Low Friction Angles

Controlled aerodynamics for controlled flight.  

The G4 has a more aerodynamic profile than the G3, for better vertical flying.  Where the G3 is basically wedge shaped, the G4 has gently tapered corners.