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Quality Materials

The Difference Is In The Details

Cutting-edge Alien Technology


Quality definitely matters.

Materials suitable for a life-saving device.

Mirage rigs have been designed by and built for people that jump all day… every day.  As a result, Mirage rigs are known world-wide for their comfort and reliability.

Properly maintained, your Mirage harness/container system will last for many years and thousands of jumps.  We’ve made every effort to find and use the best materials available.  Whether you’re a professional that jumps every day or a weekend fun jumper; your Mirage is built to last.



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Build your rig with the experts at Mirage.

The true secret of Mirage Systems’ success lies in our experience.  The production staff of Mirage Systems has been building harness/containers longer than most people have been skydiving.  This experience allows us to set and maintain the highest standards for quality in the skydiving industry.  Our staff takes great pride in the fine detail of their work.  People say we are OCD about our rigs.

To that we say, “Yes we are.”

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    1000 Denier

    For extra durability Mirage Systems uses the highest quality 1000 denier Cordura instead of the industry standard 500 denier. It comes in these and many more brilliant colors.

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    Stain Resistant Fabric

    All Mirage Cordura is coated to resist staining.  Liquid literally beads up and slides off, like mercury!

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    Premium Padding

    All Mirage containers are built with a medium density internal foam that is nearly ten times more expensive than the industry standard, and is highly resistant to compression over time.

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    Parapak Lining

    We line the inside of our container surfaces with Parapak, rather than Cordura. This provides a smooth finish that makes the rig easier to pack and its contents quick to deploy.