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RSL / Trap System MARD

The Difference Is In The Details


Instant deployment of your reserve upon cutaway!

The Reserve Static Line system consists of a lanyard between the left main riser and the reserve ripcord.  It is designed to use the mechanical force of the released main risers after a cutaway to pull the reserve ripcord pin.  The stainless steel RSL is a hot-forged Stainless Steel fixed-ball snap shackle with a full release arm.  The Stainless-Steel shackle is standard on every Mirage RSL.

Trap System™

The only true non-interference system on the market.

The Mirage Patented Trap System is not attached to the reserve in any way, until you cutaway and the RSL is used.  It’s a true ‘non-interference’ system.  Since there is no connection between the RSL and your reserve bridle, this means that there is nothing that must disconnect for a normal reserve deployment.  If you pull the ripcord, or your AAD fires, the reserve pilot chute and bridle will deploy your reserve quickly and reliably, without hesitation and without interference from the Trap System.  Until you cutaway you, and your reserve, won’t know it’s there!  Only when you cutaway, does the Trap System RSL engage to trap and withdraw the reserve bridle, turning your main canopy into a very large pilot chute.

M.A.R.D. = Main Assisted Reserve Deployment