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Modular Construction

The Difference Is In The Details

Modular Construction

Easier Repairs

Do you have an affinity for tarmac?

Mirage containers are built using modular construction, which allows for easier repairs when flaps become damaged.  Modular construction, as opposed to so-called unibody or wraparound construction, requires building the rig out of multiple flaps that are sewn together, rather than using a few flaps to cover multiple panels.  The main container is a great example; the main side flaps are separate pieces that can be replaced.  Damage a main flap on a unibody rig and you are stuck with a huge repair job, or resorting to an unsightly patch.  Not so with a Mirage.

Modular construction is much more time consuming during the initial build, but pays great dividends down the road.

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    Modular Design

    Here are just a few of the modular components used to build a Mirage container. Using separate components makes your rig easier to repair, if needed.

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    Compatible Parts

    Select from an assortment of Genuine Mirage parts to maintain the appearance and safety features of your rig.

Replacement Parts

Genuine Mirage

Maintain your rig with the correct parts.

Even the best materials will eventually show wear from repeated use.  Components can also become damaged from poor landings or sharp objects in the airplane.  Parts such as breakaway handles, reserve ripcords, reserve pilot chutes, and reserve freebags are sometimes lost after an emergency procedure.  The recommended service life for all parts is located in our owner’s manual.  

The Mirage Harness and Container System was designed and tested as a complete assembly.  It is critical to use the appropriate replacement parts.  Mirage is always available to assist with the correct maintenance of your system.