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Main Pilot Chute & Handle


When it comes to deployment, the key is consistency.

We offer a variety of options so you can jump what you’re comfortable with.

    Our Standard RTS Non-Collapsible Pilot Chute Sizing:
    30" : RTS M4
    32" : RTS M5, M6
    36" : RTS M7, M8

    Main PC's are made with F-111 per most canopy manufacturer's recommendation.

    ZP is available if requested, in limited colors, for an additional charge.

    Black is our standard color and quickest delivery time.

    Black is our standard color and quickest delivery time.

    Subject to availability.

    Subject to availability.

    Longer bridle lengths are for wingsuiting.

    BOC:   Bottom of Container

    Pull Out:   An older deployment style that pulls both the pin and pilot chute.  Your rig must already be configured for a pull out.

    Plastic Pipe:   Grey PVC
    Hacky:   Leather Handle (round)
    FreeFly Hacky:   Leather Handle (round) w. FreeFly Tuck Tab
    FreeFly Handle:   Cordura Handle (firm pillow) w. FreeFly Tuck Tab

    Black is our standard color and quickest delivery time.

    You can view our color swatches HERE

    Made of leather.
    Black is our standard color and quickest delivery time.

    If you’d like a solid color hacky, make the 2nd color the same as the 1st color.

    You can submit your order.  This item will not be sent to production and your payment will not be processed until your questions are addressed.

Main Deployment Style

Collapsible for increased canopy performance.

Mirage Systems, working with leading canopy manufacturers, has determined that the F-111 centerline collapsible pilot chute provides the most consistent openings and best canopy performance.

The included bridle window enables confirmation that the pilot chute is cocked when packing.


Centerline Pilot Chute

Flying 200mph?  Pick the handle that’s right for you.

The standard BOC main handle is comprised of tubular plastic attached to the main pilot chute.  However, most jumpers prefer one of the following state-of-the-art handle options:

Hacky Handle

Comfortable leather ball that fits nicely in the palm of your hand.  We offer two sizes of hacky: standard and extra-large.  They are custom built in your choice of leather colors.

FreeFly Handle

For skydivers who demand additional main pilot chute protection, we offer the Mirage Freefly Handle.  This low-profile main deployment handle uses a Velcro-less tuck-tab and the existing bridle protection flap to securely hold the BOC pilot chute in place.  The freefly handle is built in a manner that makes it difficult to accidentally dislodge, but easy to deploy at pull time.  Freefly handles come in all Mirage container cordura colors.

FreeFly Hacky Handle

For those of you who want both, we offer the Freefly Hacky Handle.  It offers much of the same protection as the Mirage Freefly Handle, but with the ever-familiar ball-in-palm feel.  It is made of leather and is available with all of the same color options as the Hacky Handle above.


Main Deployment Handle

When it comes to deployment, the key is consistency.

At Mirage Systems, we offer a choice of main deployment styles.  For sport containers Mirage recommends the industry standard “BOC Throw-Out”.  Our bottom of container throw-out deployment system features complete bridle protection and double-layered, high-performance spandex for maximum security and reliability.  The main pilot chute’s bridle runs securely behind the right main side-flap.  When deployed, this bridle removes a curved pin from the closing loop that secures the contents of the container.

Mirage will also accommodate experienced jumpers who are accustomed to and prefer a pull-out style deployment.


Limited Life Components

The components of any device tend to wear out after repeated use, and the fabric materials in your Mirage are no exception.  Experience has proven that some fabric components are subject to more wear than others and need to be inspected frequently, and replaced periodically.  These items are considered to be Limited Life Components.

The following Limited Life Components should be checked often and replaced periodically.  The service life of these components is a recommendation based upon experience:

  • Main and Reserve Closing Loops – Replace when frayed.  If in doubt, replace.
  • Main Risers – Type 17 main risers should be replaced every 200 to 400 jumps.  Type 8 risers should be replaced every 300 – 500 jumps.  All Risers: check the Type IIA fabric loops often since they can be easily damaged and are subject to accelerated wear.  Replace risers if Type IIA loops are frayed, or if webbing is damaged.
  • Main Pilot Chute – Replace every 200 to 400 jumps or sooner if damaged or excessively worn.  Handles should not be replaced.
  • Main Deployment Bag – Replace every 300 to 500 jumps or sooner if damaged or excessively worn.
  • Spandex Main Pilot Chute Pouch – Replace when torn or excessively worn.
  • Harness Leg Straps and Chest Strap – Replace when frayed or damaged, or if slipping excessively through hardware adjusters.
  • Reserve Deployment Bag Safety Stow – replace if nylon covering of shock cord is frayed, or if rubber strands inside break.

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