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Secure Riser Cover Design

Tuck Tab Riser Covers

Riser security at its best!

We at Mirage Systems believe that tuck tab riser covers are the best possible way to armor an area of the container that would otherwise be extremely vulnerable to wind forces and other undesirable factors.  Magnetic riser covers can open and close repeatedly during freefall without the jumper being aware of the problem.  We therefore find them to not be the best solution for riser security.  The profile of our tuck tabs is squared, for positive retention and fixed release force.  The attachment location is placed over the shoulder, near the front of the rig, to allow for variation in reserve pack jobs.  Additionally, they are designed modularly, in order to facilitate in-field replacement if needed.

Secondary Riser Covers

Protecting steering lines and toggles.

We also provide secondary riser covers to fully enclose the risers, steering lines and toggles.  The secondary riser covers are located under the main riser covers, along the side of the reserve container.  They prevent displacement or accidental deployment during multi-attitude (head down or back to earth) jumps.

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Tuck tabs
Our tuck tabs are easily packed and stay reliably closed. Once in place you can expect them to stay in place.
Secondary riser cover
Here, the secondary riser cover is untucked from behind the primary riser cover.
Secondary riser release
Your risers, steering lines, and toggles neatly channeled beneath the secondary riser cover to be released in an orderly fashion.
Tuck tabs
Mirage tuck tabs may be inserted and released thousands of times.