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Mirage Stock

Listed prices include the options already on each rig.

Photos :   Stock rigs shown are unpacked.  Wrinkles and shape will correct when packed.


    MXS, MXS-1/2 & MZS have the same reserve container

    Aerodyne Research Smart 99

    Icarus-World Reserve 99

    PD Reserve 99
    PD Optimum 106
    PD Optimum 113 – Experienced Rigging Required


    This main pack tray is 1/2″ smaller than the MXS.  Be aware that as containers get smaller each 1/2″ becomes a larger percentage of the pack volume.  In a small pack tray a tight pack job can quickly become a brick.  If your canopy is not listed here, you can send it to us and we will do a pack volume test at no charge.

    Container Aprox: 15 x 10 x 4.5 inches

    Aerodyne Research Mamba 90
    Aerodyne Research Triathlon 99
    Aerodyne Research Vision 90

    Flight Concepts Rage 90

    Icarus Crossfire II/III 89
    Icarus Extreme FX 74
    Icarus Extreme FX 79
    Icarus Extreme VX 74
    Icarus Extreme VX 79
    Icarus Omega 99
    Icarus Omni 99
    Icarus Safire II/III 99

    PD Katana 89
    PD Spectre 97
    PD Stiletto 89
    PD Storm 97
    PD Velocity 79
    PD Vengence 89

    Precision Aerodynamics Nitron 88
    Precision Aerodynamics Synergy 98
    Precision Aerodynamics Xaos-21 78
    Precision Aerodynamics Xaos-27 78


    Customer Feedback – Not Independently Confirmed By Mirage

    Icarus JFX 79 (New Zealand)
    Icarus Leia 74 (New Zealand)
    Icarus Leia 89 (New Zealand)

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