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Returns & Exchanges

Return Merchandise Authorization


We guarantee the fit of custom orders, utilizing the measurements provided to us, for 90 days from the date delivered.  Cost for modifications and adjustments due to incorrect measurements submitted by the customer or dealer are the responsibility of the customer/dealer.


Stock rigs & parts may be returned within 30 days in new, un-jumped condition for a restocking fee.  Custom rigs & parts cannot be returned.  Mirage Systems reserves the right to refuse any return.


Due to the very high risk nature of skydiving, all Mirage products carry NO WARRANTY!  This includes any and all potential defects in design, materials and workmanship.  The buyer and any users waive all manufacturer liability for personal injury, including death, that may result from use of the equipment.

If you believe there is a problem with your Mirage Harness & Container not due to normal wear and tear that would qualify for repair or replacement, you should notify us within one (1) year from the date of sale or prior to the second reserve pack.  The notification period for parts replacement is ninety days (90) from the date of sale.

  • Excessive wear, abuse, or neglect are not covered under repair/replacement.   
  • All claims must be sent to the Mirage Systems inspection department for evaluation prior to replacement or refund.

Service Life

With proper use and care, your Mirage container and parts should provide many years of service.  Mirage Systems has not established a service life for its products, and there is no requirement under FAA TSO C-23( ) to set a service life for approved parachutes or components.  An appropriately rated parachute rigger is responsible for determining the airworthiness of the entire assembly each time the reserve parachute is repacked.  In effect, the rigger packing the reserve parachute is extending the service life of the entire assembly in 180 day intervals each time he/she signs the packing data card and affixes a seal to the reserve parachute.

If there are any questions or concerns about the airworthiness of a Mirage, contact us to arrange an inspection.

Limited Life Components

The components of any device tend to wear out after repeated use, and the fabric materials in your Mirage are no exception.  Experience has proven that some fabric components are subject to more wear than others and need to be inspected frequently, and replaced periodically.  These items are considered to be Limited Life Components.

The following Limited Life Components should be checked often and replaced periodically.  The service life of these components is a recommendation based upon experience:

  • Main and Reserve Closing Loops – Replace when frayed.  If in doubt, replace.
  • Main Risers – Type 17 main risers should be replaced every 200 to 400 jumps.  Type 8 risers should be replaced every 300 – 500 jumps.  All Risers: check the Type IIA fabric loops often since they can be easily damaged and are subject to accelerated wear.  Replace risers if Type IIA loops are frayed, or if webbing is damaged.
  • Main Pilot Chute – Replace every 200 to 400 jumps or sooner if damaged or excessively worn.  Handles should not be replaced.
  • Main Deployment Bag – Replace every 300 to 500 jumps or sooner if damaged or excessively worn.
  • Spandex Main Pilot Chute Pouch – Replace when torn or excessively worn.
  • Harness Leg Straps and Chest Strap – Replace when frayed or damaged, or if slipping excessively through hardware adjusters.
  • Reserve Deployment Bag Safety Stow – replace if nylon covering of shock cord is frayed, or if rubber strands inside break.