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Superior Comfort

Superior Comfort

You'll forget you are wearing a rig!

Increased Harness & Leg Padding

All Mirage containers use premium padding.  The harness padding is concentrated over the shoulders, where much of the weight of the rig rests.  The internal leg strap padding is thick, firm, and practically indestructible; so that even after thousands of jumps they will still provide support and comfort.  Our optional contoured leg pads are extra wide to provide a comfortable “seat” in the harness while under canopy.  On the Unisyn harness, all ring locations are also padded; so that no hardware contacts the wearer.

Conforming Harness Geometry

Your rig moves with you, not against you.

Our customers routinely tell us that their Mirage is the most comfortable rig they’ve ever jumped.  Much of the comfort of a rig comes from the way the harness conforms to the user’s body.  The Mirage Unisyn Harness was specifically designed to flex at the natural junction points of the human body.  This design has helped to eliminate harness buckling and twisting, as the harness takes straight paths between junction points.  The Unisyn moves with you, on the ground and in the air.


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    Even in the seated position, a well designed harness geometry provides comfort by positioning the container appropriately.

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    A well designed harness geometry provides the flexibility required to match your body’s angles both in the air and on the ground.

Upgraded Standard Backpad
Elastic Lumbar Support

Upgraded Standard Backpad

Something you can lean on.

The G4 comes standard with a deluxe backpad for greater comfort.  The side panels of the G4 backpad, which contain the most padding, provide comfort to the shoulder blades and major muscles of the user’s back.

Standard color is black, but the center area of the backpad can be any Mini-Diamond color.

Elastic Lumbar Support

Experience comfort in all the right places.

For increased comfort and stability, Mirage Systems added an elastic lumbar support across the lower container to comfortably snug the G4 to your lower back without cutting into you.  The Elastic Lumbar Support gently provides lower back support while stabilizing the container, making the jumper and container feel more in Unisyn.  The Lumbar Support strap is adjustable and replaceable.


Comfortable Stabilizers

Side-to-side stability provides extra control.

Stabilizers are the portions of the container that extend from the lower corners of the main container forward to connect with the harness.  Their function is to connect the lower portion of the container to the harness while “stabilizing” it from moving from side to side.  On the Unisyn harness, the stabilizers are padded for additional comfort.

  • Unisyn Harness

    Mirage Unisyn Harness

    Hip ring and stabilizer junction.

  • Hardware padding

    Hardware Padding

    Stabilizer padding buffers the hardware from direct contact with the user’s body.