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The Difference Is In The Details

Harness Styles

Technology enabled security, comfort, and mobility – in a harness!

Mirage Systems takes pride in its ability to offer the most comfortable harness/container systems on the market.  We build four styles of strong, comfortable harnesses from which you may choose.

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Unisyn Hip & Chest Rings

1 Piece Leg Pads

For those who desire maximum security, flexibility, and comfort; we offer the most advanced harness design to date.  The Mirage Unisyn Harness is the most articulating, conforming harness on the market.  By re-engineering the way we attach harness components, we were able to position the hip and chest rings without compromise.  The result is a harness that effortlessly moves with you.


Unisyn Harness
Unisyn Harness components

Unisyn Hip Rings

1 Piece Leg Pads

For those that love the Mirage Unisyn hip rings with 1 piece leg pads but prefer no chest rings, this harness is exactly what they’re looking for.

Unisyn Hip Ring

Low Hip Rings

2 Piece Leg Pads

The Hip Ring Harness with 2-Piece Leg Pads is our previous (G3) harness, but it is also available on the G4.  The hip rings are below the stabilizer and the stabilizer is stiffer.  These leg pads are straight; contoured is not available on 2 piece leg pads.

Low Hip Rings w. Split Leg Pads
Unisyn Hip Ring

No Rings

1 Piece Leg Pads

The standard no-ring harness is available with every size and model container we offer.  It benefits from 25 years of accumulated harness research and development, while providing you with the best fit and comfort available in a non-articulating design.


No ring harness

Leg Strap Bungee

Keep your leg straps in place during high performance maneuvers.

Mirage containers include a bungee retainer to help control leg strap movement during sit-flying and other aerobatic maneuvers.  All components are easily field replaceable.


Hook Knife

Metal; not plastic.

We strive to have the safest rig possible, and we don’t overlook the smaller details such as the hook knife.  Most hook knives on the market are made with a plastic handle which can break or snap during use.  That is simply unacceptable.  When you order a hook knife from Mirage Systems, you will receive a 4″ aluminum knife with a narrow mouth designed to protect fingers from accidentally being cut.  


  • Hook Knife

    Aluminum Hook Knife