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Mirage Stock

Listed prices include the options already on each rig.

Photos :   Stock rigs shown are unpacked.  Wrinkles and shape will correct when packed.


    M2S & M2S-1/2 have the same reserve container

    Aerodyne Research Smart 135 LPV – Very Firm (Experienced rigging required)

    Flight Concepts 130 Mini Cricket

    Icarus-World Nano 113 – Soft

    PD Reserve 113 – Recommended
    PD Optimum 126 – Recommended
    PD Reserve 126 – Firm
    PD Optimum 143 – Very Firm (Experienced rigging required)

    Precision Aerodynamics R-Max 138


    This main pack tray is 1/2″ smaller than the M2S.  Be aware that as containers get smaller each 1/2″ becomes a larger percentage of the pack volume.  In a small pack tray a tight pack job can quickly become a brick.  If your canopy is not listed here, you can send it to us and we will do a pack volume test at no charge.

    Container Aprox: 15 x 11 x 6 inches


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