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Flaps & Misc Other

All replacement flaps must be installed by Mirage Systems or a qualified master rigger.

You may send your Mirage in for repairs and/or rigging using this FORM

* See additional info below.

    You will be contacted with availability and pricing.

    We need the serial # or the container model & size.

    You can view our color swatches HERE


    If you wish to upload any photos.

    You can submit your order.  This item will not be sent to production and your payment will not be processed until your questions are addressed.


Alterations are changes made to the original design configuration of an approved parachute assembly.

Repairing a Mirage in a manner that does not duplicate the original design, configuration, materials used, and construction techniques, is an alteration.

Alterations to the design of a Mirage are NOT AUTHORIZED, and void the TSO approval.