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The Difference Is In The Details

Standard Logos

Say as little or as much as you like.

An assorted variety of Mirage Systems logos are available to be applied to custom containers at no charge.  These logos are embroidered in any available thread color of your choice, on several different flap locations.  The G4, G3 and W-Series come standard with “MIRAGE” on the #1 flap (yoke) and a Mirage logo on one of the ring covers.  The following areas can also be embroidered.

  • Centerflap
  • Sidewalls
  • Leg Pads
  • 2nd Ring Cover
  • Handles

We also have a premium selection of Mirage embroidery as well as the Special Project Series.  These include the Small Phantoms, the Large Ghost Outline, the Large Angled Alien, and the Falling Aliens.

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Alien embroidery
Mirage embroidery

Simple Text Embroidery

Personalize your rig with a name or short message.

Text embroidery is available to personalize your rig at a minimal cost.  Text can be applied to the ring covers, sidewalls, cutaway handle or soft reserve handle.  The handles are the most popular location because they make it easy to “de-personalize” a rig prior to resale.  Text is available in script or print.

Custom Embroidery

You show us, we’ll sew it. 

Complex graphic logos can be applied to a rig during production.  The logos must be sized appropriately (up to 10″ x 3″on a sidewall, up to 2.5″ x 2.5″ on a ring cover) and will be billed according to their complexity (stitch count).

Embroidery machines use a specific format digital file (.dst) to sew an image.  These files are generated from original artwork using specialized software.  If you already have the digital stitch file in a usable format (from a previous apparel embroidery for example) you can forward that to us by email for production use.

If you do not have it in a usable format, supply us with the artwork and we will digitize it into a stitch file for you.  Pricing is based on the complexity of the design (stitch count).  There is a one-time charge for this service.

Contact us directly for further information and specific pricing on your job.