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Main Risers & Toggles


Riser security at its best!

This item is sold in pairs (1 = 1 pair)

* If using the Trap System™, the substitution of this component with a component not manufactured by Mirage Systems is not authorized.

    Type 8 is recommended at 225 lbs (exit weight).
    Type 8 is required at 250 lbs (exit weight).

    Black is our standard color and quickest delivery time.

    You can view our color swatches HERE

    Black is our standard color and quickest delivery time.

    You can view our color swatches HERE

    Our standard length is 20".  Most people use this size.

    Standard yoke use 20"
    +1 yoke use 20"
    +2 yoke use 22"
    +3 yoke use 24"

    If you have shorter arms you may prefer -2"
    If you have longer arms you may prefer +2"
    If you have very long arms you may prefer +4" (these will be too long for most people)


    Soft:  The soft swoop loops add a little stiffness to the loop, but not enough to stay open when you take your hands out.

    Medium:  The medium swoop loops are our most popular; they stay open and also pack flat.

    XFirm:  The x-firm swoop loops do not lay flat when packing; your riser covers will bulge when closed.  These loops are intended for hop & pop swooping.

    Large:  The large swoop loops will fit larger hands or thick gloves.  They pack flat.

    Some colors are limited - they will be removed from the list when not in stock.

    Only suggested for competition swooping.

    You can submit your order.  This item will not be sent to production and your payment will not be processed until your questions are addressed.


Armored Risers

You won’t get into a bind.

All Mirage main risers are equipped with built-in steel hard housings to prevent entrapment of the cutaway cable ends during severe line twists.  The housings are fixed to the risers at the top end with a clamp and encased in a sleeve that floats at the bottom end to allow for cable movement.

Limited Life Components

The components of any device tend to wear out after repeated use, and the fabric materials in your Mirage are no exception.  Experience has proven that some fabric components are subject to more wear than others and need to be inspected frequently, and replaced periodically.  These items are considered to be Limited Life Components.

The following Limited Life Components should be checked often and replaced periodically.  The service life of these components is a recommendation based upon experience:

  • Main and Reserve Closing Loops – Replace when frayed.  If in doubt, replace.
  • Main Risers – Type 17 main risers should be replaced every 200 to 400 jumps.  Type 8 risers should be replaced every 300 – 500 jumps.  All Risers: check the Type IIA fabric loops often since they can be easily damaged and are subject to accelerated wear.  Replace risers if Type IIA loops are frayed, or if webbing is damaged.
  • Main Pilot Chute – Replace every 200 to 400 jumps or sooner if damaged or excessively worn.  Handles should not be replaced.
  • Main Deployment Bag – Replace every 300 to 500 jumps or sooner if damaged or excessively worn.
  • Spandex Main Pilot Chute Pouch – Replace when torn or excessively worn.
  • Harness Leg Straps and Chest Strap – Replace when frayed or damaged, or if slipping excessively through hardware adjusters.
  • Reserve Deployment Bag Safety Stow – replace if nylon covering of shock cord is frayed, or if rubber strands inside break.


Authorized Components

The substitution of any of the following components with a component not manufactured by Mirage Systems, Inc. is NOT AUTHORIZED:

  • Reserve parachute deployment bag and bridle (Freebag)
  • Reserve pilot chute
  • Reserve ripcord
  • Reserve static line (RSL)
  • Trap System™️ components (RSL, Trap Line, Main Risers)

Additional information

Weight .54 lbs

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