Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does Mirage Systems offer a Military Discount?

Yes, we offer 30% off the retail price of the container and 0% off the options for active duty military members. You do not have to be a U.S. military (you may be coalition forces) but you do have to provide us with a current Military Identification Card, a State Issued Identification card, and proof of USPA membership or foreign equivalent.

You must pay 50% of the total cost before we will begin the build of your container if you choose to use the military discount.

You can deal directly with Mirage Systems for a Military Discount or you can choose to use your local dealer if you wish. Just complete the order form with Mirage Systems (or whatever dealer you choose) and list in additional instructions that it is a Military discount. Supply all verifying documents and half payment and we will get your rig underway.


Why should I buy a Mirage?

Several significant reasons stand out. First, we build each Mirage with uncompromising quality standards. We are located in DeLand, FL, THE skydiving industry town, so most of our production workers have worked for rig manufacturers before, some for as many as 20 years. Our people are very, very good. Our pin protection is second to none. That's very important these days as people push the boundaries of freefall more and more. Our reserve deployment is the fastest in the industry. Our comfort level is designed for serious jumpers making 8-10+ jumps per day for days on end. We want the most hard-core jumpers to feel at home. Want some more reasons? Ask someone with a Mirage.


The Mirage is not a cheap rig. How can I justify this when other rigs are available for a lot less?

Depending on your financial situation, you may not be able to. We made the Mirage for people who are looking for the highest quality product available to trust their lives to. The level of quality we have achieved costs more than what you can get away with if you use mediocre materials and don't do the detail work the way we do. Read this web site well, especially product information, and think about what you are buying a rig for. We hope this helps you make your choice.


I've seen other rigs have a reserve pilot chute that packs on the outside, or partially on the outside. Isn't that better, and why doesn't the Mirage use that?

We cover this question in our "Products" section. Look under Features | Powerful Reserve Deployment. Suffice it to say here that overall reserve deployment is a complex process governed by a number of variables, only one of which is where the pilot chute is packed. Far more important is how strong the pilot chute is and how well it grabs air.


I jump a high performance canopy and I have heard some people having trouble cutting away. Does the Mirage address this issue?

One of the main reasons for difficult cutaways is twisted risers, which bind the excess cutaway cable. Mirage Systems offers armored risers as standard equipment. These incorporate metal housings to provide a clear channel for the cutaway cables. Mirage Systems is also the only sport harness/container manufacturer to use the Mil spec one-piece cutaway housing end fitting. These end fittings provide cleaner cutaways and are much more resistant to failure during hard openings than are conventional amp fittings.


I'm coming to Florida and want to stop by. Where are you and when can I visit?

We're located in DeLand, 20 miles west of Daytona Beach. Take the main airport entrance off Rt. 92 (the road from Daytona), where the flag and marker are. We're about 100 yards up on the right. Office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM Monday - Friday. We'd love to show you what we're up to! Our physical address is 1501A. Lexington Ave., Deland, FL 32724


Can I still order a Mirage G3?

Yes, Mirage Systems is continuing production of the Mirage G3. There wasn't any reason to discontinue the very popular design. There are some options that are not available on the Mirage G3. The Mirage G3 is our base model container.


How is the RTS different from a G3 or G4?

The RTS is based on the tried-and-true G3 platform, with the addition of a number of modifications appropriate to the training environment. It has a removable belly band, to snug a large rig to a small body. It has a clear plastic window in the reserve pin cover flap for easy visual pin checks at any time, and an external yoke mounted Cypres pouch, so the Cypres can be activated and checked while the rig is being worn. The RTS also has a backpad carry handle and data pocket. It comes standard with large 3 rings and risers and an RSL. It can be equipped with optional radio pockets, an adjustable main lift web and leg pads, and a variety of popular main deployment systems.



Can I buy direct from Mirage Systems?

Yes, but we recommend that you purchase your Mirage through a dealer where they can offer you hands-on service. If you are confused about which dealer to use, we can recommend one in your area, or recommend some of the larger ones, but you need to pick someone you'll be happy with. All of our dealers have our support, and we think they will each do a good job for you given the chance. If you want to go through your DZ, but they are not a dealer, encourage them to contact us and we will determine if they qualify for a dealership. Buy through Mirage or find a dealer near you.


When are payments due?

Mirage Systems harness/containers are made custom for each customer. A deposit or full payment may be required at the time of ordering.


May I make payment with a credit card?

Yes, Mirage Systems accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. The discount on your purchase, if any is received, will be reduced by 3% when using a credit card for payment.


Does Mirage Systems offer financing?

No, we no longer offer financing options for our containers.


What are Mirage Systems return policies?

On custom orders, we guarantee the fit of your Mirage for ninety days after receipt. Any modifications required after that time are at the customer's expense. Stock rigs do not carry the same guarantee. Modifications for fitting are charged to the customer. A stock rig may be returned for a nominal restocking fee. Mirage Systems reserves the right to refuse any return. All sales are final.


What does Mirage Systems warrantee?

Mirage Systems warranty covers all manufacturing defects for 90 days. Excessive wear, abuse, or neglect are not covered under our warranty. All warranty claims must be sent to the Mirage Systems customer service department for inspection and evaluation.


How will my Mirage order be shipped?

Mirage Systems uses UPS ground for product shipments. UPS has shown the most reliability and consistency of all the courier services. Packages inside the continental US will be shipped ground service. Upgrades are available at additional cost. Dealers wishing to use other services do so at the DEALER'S risk. Some forms of shipping services will incur additional handling fees.

Please note that everything that leaves Mirage Systems will be shipped requiring an adult signature for delivery. We are hesitant to make any exceptions to this rule but if you do wish to waive the signature required you will be responsible for any lost or undelivered items and release Mirage Systems of all liability.



I am a free flyer. Should I have a soft reserve ripcord handle or a metal one?

That is a decision you need to make after evaluating your situation. Many jumpers have switched to the soft reserve ripcord because they are much harder to snag accidentally, and an accidental head-down reserve deployment is unpleasant at best. Our exclusive metal handle ripcord is much smaller and less prone to snag than the traditional D-handle design. Jumpers wearing thick gloves might want to consider the Mirage metal handle over the soft reserve handle because it may be easier to grip under certain circumstances. Remember, this is your last parachute.


Does the Mirage have any free flyer specific features?

The Mirage G3 and G4 are both very freefly friendly. We designed our metal ripcord to be a smaller, lower profile to reduce snagging. In 1997 we developed secondary riser covers (Freefly Mods), which have since been copied but not duplicated by other manufacturers. In 1998 we made these secondary riser covers standard. Our low profile freefly handle is the most secure BOC handle available. Since the handle does not have any Velcro, it does not need routine maintenance like a pullout. The main bridle has zero exposure, and all cover flaps are designed to withstand wind from any direction without opening. Both our soft reserve handle and cutaway handle include anti-twist inserts to keep them from folding under the main lift webbing, so they will always be well presented for use. Many skydivers consider Mirage to be the most freefly friendly rig on the market.


Can I get the same backpad on my Mirage G3 that is offered on the Mirage G4.1?

Yes but it is a pay upgrade on the G3 and comes standard on the G4 at no extra cost. If you select the deluxe backpad option on the G3 you will receive a G4 backpad with the spacer foam and 1/2 inch padding under the spacer foam that runs up and over your shoulders as well. It truly is like wearing a pillow on your back.


What's the difference between the G3 and G4?

There are a number of significant changes that went into the G4. However, the underlying technology and safety features of the G3 remain unchanged. Three changes are obvious. First, the container has a new, streamlined profile for improved aerodynamics. Second, the G4 comes standard with a specially padded backpad for better comfort on the ride to altitude. Third, the reserve pin cover flap has been downsized, which allows much easier pin checks while still staying closed at all wind angles. Other changes are beneath the surface. The reserve uses a new Parapak molar freebag for durability and ease of packing. The RSL system takes advantage of the new floating yoke design to simplify lanyard routing.


How durable is the padded back pad on the Mirage G4?

Our sponsored athletes in the field have made well over 1000 jumps on their Mirage containers and they are not showing any signs of premature wear. The spacer foam covering material we chose is the same material most manufacturers are using and it has proven extremely durable. There is no reason that the Mirage G4.1 back pad covering will not last as long as the rest of the container.


What's the difference between the G4.0 and G4.1?

Mirage Systems released the Mirage G4.0 in July 2002. This was a fresh new shape and added features in comfort. However, riggers found the G4.0 difficult to pack without wrinkling. In January 2003, Mirage Systems released the Mirage G4.1. The Mirage G4.1 incoporates a slightly different, sleeker shape than the G4.0. The new shape accommodates main canopy down sizing much better and packs easily without wrinkles. Improvements are always in the works thanks to customer feedback.


How durable is the G4 standard elastic lumbar support? Doesn't elastic wear out?

Elastic does wear out. Mirage Systems has done extensive research to find an elastic blend that is both durable and provides stretch. Max Cohn of Generation Freefly probably puts our container through more rigorous jumps than anyone else. Max has made well over 1000 jumps on his Mirage G4's and they are not showing any signs a premature wear. We had thought that the elastic lumbar support would last approximately 300-400 jumps. Max's long-term durability tests have far surpassed our estimates. The elastic lumbar supports are easily replaceable. Replacement elastic bands will will be replaced free of charge for the life of your container by Mirage Systems.


Why did Mirage Systems switch to a molar free bag on the Mirage G4?

On the previous Mirage harness/container models the common request from riggers was to make closing the reserve container easier and more aesthetically pleasing. There were two factors that contributed to riggers problems. Riggers were more familiar with packing a molar free bag and the inexperience packing a Mirage left too much reserve canopy volume in the middle. The molar free bag's design addresses both issues. It is also made of Para-pak so it can more easily absorb rough handling such as vigorous use of packing paddles. See the Mirage G4.1 on-line manual for more information on packing the reserve.


I am a free flyer. Does the G4 have any free flyer specific features?

The Mirage G4 is very freefly friendly. It incorporates all the freefly features of the G3, and it also brings a rounder, more aerodynamic profile. Furthermore, the reserve pin cover flap has been reshaped for easer pin checks, while still maintaining excellent flap retention. Take the product tour of our containers to learn just how exceptionally freefly friendly our rigs are.


What deployment systems are available on the RTS?

The RTS comes standard with traditional Bottom-of-Container (BOC) hand deployed 36” F1-11 main PC. We use the large diameter because a training rig typically carries heavier mains, and students prefer positive openings. The RTS can optionally be configured for a main ripcord mounted either on the BOC pouch opening or on the hip. The main ripcord is reusable and disposable and uses a length of plastic tubing for the handle, just like the throw-out PC. For added security during AFF, Mirage Systems offers the “breakaway BOC” pouch. This system adds a loop handle at the bottom of the rig on the reserve side. This handle both “unzips” the BOC pouch, releasing the contents, and also pulls the main ripcord, if that system is in use. Static line deployment is also available in direct bag format, configured for the specific jump aircraft.


Information on the Mirage Trap System!

Mirage Systems is accepting orders for its new MARD system.

Non MARD delivery times are currently 6-8 weeks.

MARD delivery times are currently 12-14? weeks and a deposit is required to be assigned a production date.

The MARD system is a $250 option.

Rushes are not yet available for MARD rigs.

The Mirage MARD is not available for retro-fit on used rigs.

The Mirage Trap System is a patented MARD unlike any other on the market.

The Mirage Trap System is the first MARD to not interfere with or change the reserve system.

A MARD system utilizes the RSL to deploy the reserve free bag upon cutaway.

A MARD system is a 'super RSL'.

The Mirage MARD is the Trap System. (logo)

It's not the Skyhook & it's not the DRX.

Q & A

Why is it named the Trap system?

Have you seen it?

Who invented it?

Alien names are impossible to pronounce, so we call it the Mirage Trap System..

How exactly does it work?

If the RSL is used, it traps the reserve bridle and basically direct bag deploys your reserve.

Can I get it on stock or custom?

Yes, it's the same price either way. (But stock delivery time will be delayed 4wks - we're waiting for our labels.)

Can it be retro fitted onto used gear? (Customers will ask why not?)

No because we don't have FAA approval for retro-fits.

It is available on new rigs only. At this time we don't have FAA approval for retro-fits and it is uncertain if it will be available in the future.

Will it be available for retro-fit later? ( Customer will ask why not?)

We don't know.

I'm a dealer, do I get a 15% discount?

No, the mard is not discounted.

How many times can I use it?

It doesn't have a limit, but we require that it be sent back to Mirage for re-inspection after 3 uses.

Is it easy for my rigger to inspect and pack.

Yes, it's very rigger friendly. It even has a way for you to check it after it's packed.

Will packing instructions be available?

Yes, definitely.

How is it different than the Skyhook?

Ours is better. ;)

Seriously though, it's a different approach. The Trap System is not attached to your reserve until your RSL is actually used. It's a true 'non-interference' system. This means that it doesn't need to disconnect itself for a normal reserve deployment such as a reserve pull without a main out or an AAD fire. Your reserve won't know it's there until/unless it's Trap'd.

Can I add it to my existing order?

Call us to determine the status of your order; we will try to accommodate all requests. Please be aware that adding the MARD option may extend your delivery date.

What if I just purchased a Mirage recently?

Unfortunately, we cannot retro-fit used rigs. However, please contact our office and we will let you know what your options are. Mirage strives hard to take care of it's customers. (50/15 <30days)

Alien Interview Questions:

How did this project come about?

We worked closely with the humans at Mirage. They even had some good ideas. We're pleased with the final product.



Do I need regular three rings, or can I get the mini-rings?

Both work fine under normal circumstances. The tolerances are tighter with mini-rings, however, and if you use mini-risers too, we recommend changing them often. The most efficient set-up is the large (aka standard) ring on Type 8 (large) risers. Second most efficient set-up is a mini ring on Type 17 (mini) risers. The least efficient is the mini rings on large Type 8 risers. You can't get big rings on mini-risers. See the Owner's Manual for more info on this subject.


Are hip rings or chest rings worth the extra money?

Our Unisyn chest ring harness provides flexibility at both the hips and the chest, and offers several improvements over our standard and hip ring harnesses. In particular, the Unisyn provides padded stabilizers at the hip and comfort pads under all rings. The design of the Unisyn's lower rings is the same on the hip ring harness design allowing better articulation at the hip but the hip and chest rings provide better fit over the shoulder as well.

The Unisyn, released in August, 2001, is the most sophisticated harness on the market.


I have seen that other manufacturers have the stabilizers (aka laterals) "cut-into" the back pad. Can I get this on my Mirage G3?

Yes, the inset stabilizers are available but only with the Unisyn or hip ring only harness. It is a pay option on the G3 but comes included in the cost of a G4 if specified.


Can I get the elastic lumbar on my Mirage G3, like that found on the Mirage G4?

No, The elastic lumbar support is only available on the Mirage G4.


Can I get the Fancy Pants elastic leg strap retention on my Mirage?

No, we no longer offer the 2" thick elastic fancy pants option on any of our rigs. We do equip our rigs standard with the "butt bungee" used to help hold the leg pads in position at no extra charge. We also offer a tab to loop the bungee through directly under the main container as well if the bungee just between the legs isn't doing the trick. You won't have to ask for it directly, it comes standard on every container.


Are ring harnesses available on the RTS?

Typically we dont equip the RTS with ring harnesses. It is available with a standard, non-articulating harness or an adjustable harness.


I bought a used Mirage, and the harness doesn�t fit. What will it cost to have it re-sized to fit me?

The cost of resizing a harness can run from "not much" to "might as well buy a new rig", depending upon the type and size of the current harness, and the type and size of the replacement. Changing the length of the Main Lift Web on a Hip & Chest harness is probably the least expensive alteration, followed by changing the length of the leg-straps, which will also require a new set of leg-pads.

Any change in the size of the stabilizers (horizontal back-strap) requires that the back-pad be taken apart from the main container, and that new stabilizers and back-strap be manufactured and installed. If the rig has a standard harness, changing the length of the stabilizers also requires that a completely new harness be installed. Changing to another type of harness may also require that new stabilizers are needed.

The most expensive re-sizing involves a new harness, a new yoke and back-pad, new leg-straps, new leg-pads, new housings, new ripcord and a new cutaway. This is when "might as well buy a new rig" applies! Changing from one harness type to another can also result in the same complete re-build.

Details, details...It's all in the details!

Since there are so many variables involved, it is impossible to estimate the cost of any re-sizing without first getting all of the information needed. Send the following information to us and we can give you an accurate estimate of what re-sizing you rig will cost. We will need to know:

• The model, size and serial number of the current rig
• The type and size of the current harness
• Your measurements
• The type of new harness you want installed
• The type of hardware desired (Standard or Mini-rings, Cad plated or Stainless)

All of the details needed about the current harness are hand written on the TSO label, located in the packing data card pocket, on the underside of the yoke:

The model, size (such as G4.1 MT) and serial number of your rig will allow us to look up details about how it was originally built. Since your rig could have been modified after it was made, we also need the information as it is written on the TSO label.

The harness type will be written on the TSO label located on the right reserve riser, and will be listed as Hip & Chest, Hip Rings, or Standard. The size of the current harness will be something like "15, 19, Std., +.5", etc.

A very important part of estimating the cost of re-sizing your harness is having accurate measurements of your body. Have someone take your body measurements using our MEASURING GUIDE, which can be found on our website,, under PRODUCTS and then HARNESS MEASURING GUIDE. Be sure to measure over the jumpsuit and clothing that you would normally wear. In other words, don't wear a snowmobile suit when being measured, if you would normally wear shorts and a competition jumpsuit!

And finally, we need to know what type of new harness that you want (Hip & Chest Rings, Hip Rings, or Standard), and the type of hardware that you want (Standard or Mini-rings, and Cadmium plated or Stainless).

How long will it take?!

Resizing and repairs are completed in the order that we receive approval from you to do the work. We would never start work on your rig until you approve! Please keep in mind that your rig may not be the only rig being worked on. For example, if you approved the work on your rig today, we may have five repairs ahead of yours that were approved yesterday. Also, remember that shipping usually takes a few days, so don't ship the rig on Monday, and call on Friday to see if it is finished yet! (Yep. It happens...)

We do our best to get your rig back to you as soon as possible after we have your approval to start (No, really!). Your rig could be completed in as little as two days, but with all of the variables involved, it could take up to a month to process the required parts through the production line. The average time is about a week.

Getting Started

There are a couple of ways that you can get the process of re-sizing your harness started. The best way is to send the rig to us, and we will contact you with an estimate after we have examined it. If you choose this method, please include a completed REPAIR ORDER FORM with your rig. Go to our website,, select SUPPORT, then select REPAIR ORDER FORM. Complete the form and print it.

You may also choose to go to our website, complete the REPAIR ORDER FORM and submit it to us. We'll review the form and contact you to discuss the details and give you an estimated cost. Since we don't have your rig to look at, keep in mind that the estimate could change.

Etc., Etc.

Please keep in mind that estimates are, well, ESTIMATES, and are subject to change. However, once we have examined your rig and determined what it needs, you will be given a firm quote for the alterations. We will never start work on your rig until you have approved of the work to be done!

If your Mirage needs repairs in addition to changing the harness size, any repair costs will be included in the estimate.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at or by phone at 386-740-9222.



Can I get the colors I want?

You can get most colors if you are willing to wait for our custom delivery time. Some of our larger dealers stock our product, and we usually have some available ourselves, so you can get a rig quickly if you are willing to compromise on colors. We do not offer every color, and we don't do rigs with any fabric from any source but our usual suppliers. We want your rig to last and we can only be sure with a certified fabric source. Take a look at our color chart and interactive color picker for more details.

Colors do tend to vary from batch to batch so we do not guarantee the colors of our fabric under our warranty. Binding tapes, embroidery thread and cordura colors often do not match identically either and we do not guarantee that they will match exactly. Colors on our color picker are just simply used as an example and they do not always match identically so we do not guarantee an exact match with the online color selections available.


Can I have a custom logo on my container? How about Mirage logos?

Yes, Mirage Systems does custom logos with our in house embroidery department. If you already have an embroidery file, our machine can read .dst embroidery file format. If you have your logo on an image such as a JPG, we can generate the digital embroidery file from that for an extra charge. This charge varies by the complexity of the logo. The actual embroidery price (the charge to stitch the pattern on your rig) is available on our price list. Mirage Systems corporate logos can be added anywhere on a custom rig free of charge. Just be sure to specify logos at time of order. Every rig has "MIRAGE" embroidered on the #1 flap (yoke).


Can I get the RTS customized with my DZ logo?

Yes, Mirage Systems does custom logos with our in house embroidery department. If you already have an embroidery file, our machine can read .dst embroidery file format. If you have your logo on an image such as a JPG, we can generate the digital embroidery file from that for an extra charge. This charge varies by the complexity of the logo. The actual embroidery price (the charge to stitch the pattern on your rig) is available on our price list. Mirage Systems corporate logos can be added anywhere on a custom rig free of charge. Just be sure to specify logos at time of order. Every rig has "RTS" embroidered on the #1 flap (yoke), and at least one sidewall.



How does the sizing work on a Mirage container?

Mirage Systems has standardized our sizing chart for all our products. This makes it easier for all parties involved. A Mirage G1, G2, G3, G4, and the RTS all use the same container size M number (eg. M1, M2, M3, M4, M5, etc.). Each size is designed to hold a compatible pair of canopies (main and reserve). Custom sizing is generally not available. Check our container sizing guide for more information on the sizing of our containers.


I'm only 5'4" tall, and I'm really sick of rigs that hang low over my butt. Does Mirage make a rig that's going to fit my small torso size?

Yes, if the canopies you want to jump aren't too big. We make a version called the S, which are several inches shorter than the standard version of the same pack volume. We make up the extra space by going thicker, which is why we can only do it for smaller canopies, or we end up getting too thick. The largest S rig, the M2S, handles a 150 square foot ZP canopy like the PD Sabre 2 just fine. It will also hold a PD 143R nicely. We do not recommend larger canopies than that for that rig. Because this rig is aimed at smaller people, we've also narrowed the yoke of the rig (width of the neck) as well as taking in the angle of the shoulder straps where they meet the yoke. People of small stature are very pleased with the resulting fit. This rig is NOT intended for use by taller jumpers! The harness geometry will make it quite uncomfortable for those folks.


I'm getting a Sabre-150, but I want a really small rig. Can I get an M0 or even an MT?

You can get one, but it won't be right. A rig that is too small for the canopies being put in it will end up big anyway (canopies are only so compressible) and will look much worse than a larger container would have with those same canopies in it. It's like wearing clothes two sizes too small; it doesn't make you look skinny! Furthermore, rigs don't function as well when they are overstuffed: packing is frustrating, pin tension can be high, loop length is off, bag material can protrude, etc. There is no free lunch in this department. If you want a small rig, you have to get small canopies. But (and this is the big one) if you get small canopies you have to land them. Don't fool around with your safety trying to look cool. Tiny rigs aren't cool, walking without crutches is cool. Visit the sizing guide for more detailed info.


I've had my Mirage for a while, and want to put a smaller main in it. How small can I go?

Good question, and a common one too. Generally you can drop two sizes from the original configuration without too much problem. What happens when you undersize the main is that tension on the main pin becomes too light, and increases the chance of a premature release. This is a very bad situation, and is not worth risking at all. In general, you need to use common sense in judging whether the new canopy will fill out the container properly. Different canopy manufacturing techniques, canopy configurations and local conditions can all affect pack volume. When in doubt, ask a local rigger or instructor who can see your situation first hand.


How do I size my container with a cross braced canopy?

When determining pack volume for cross braced canopies, a good approach is to use the pack volume of a standard construction main that is about 25% larger in area (eg. a 107 cross brace packs like a 135 standard construction canopy). Don't pay too much attention to published pack volume numbers, they are inherently inaccurate and real-world conditions cause actual pack volumes to vary greatly. Look at the feedback that other customers have left on our container sizing guide here to get a real-world perspective of canopy fits.


Mirage Sizing Numbers Explained

We've had so many customers ask us just what the numbers on the inside of their ring cover info mean in regards to our sizing so here is a quick quide to better understand our sizing. This rough guide is considering that you have a hip and chest ring harness. If you have a standard or old style hip ring harness the main lift web number will be roughly 1.5 inches longer.

Typically there are three numbers and will look similar to 16.5, 16, +.5

The first number is the length of your main lift web in inches. A good reference (but rough guide) to go by for the MLW length is this if you have a hip and chest ring harness:


5'3"-5'5" 14"

5'6"-5' 7" 15"

5'7"-5'8" 15.5"

5'9" 16"

6' 17"

The second number is the length of your leg pad in inches.

And the third number is the length of your "stabilizer" or "lateral" as shown below compared to a standard measurement. +.5 means we add 1/2 of an inch to our standard measurement.

You may see one more measurement which is your shoulder extension. That is the length of material that goes from your yoke or neck area up to your 3 ring. The shoulder extension will be longer for thick chested people as the material to cover that distance will be longer. Again, that measurement will be + or - a number compared to our standard. +1 would be a large shoulder extension for thick chested men. That number is always last.



What is the current delivery time?

Call the office for current delivery time estimates.


Can I get a rush order through?

Rush orders are available. Typically rush orders are not necessary, as we strive to keep our delivery times very low. However, rush options are available. Click here to view our rush options.



My Mirage reserve is sticking up much more then the pictures I've seen, and when I press on it, I can feel the pilot chute spring compress. Is that right?

No, you need a repack. Your reserve closing loop is too long and should be adjusted to spec by the rigger. This is particularly common when using a new closing loop, which may stretch a bit during the first week or two of being packed. Do not think that just because it's closed it's OK; the pilot chute will launch best when fully compressed, and a protruding reserve will knock into more things while you're moving around than a flat reserve. What's more, the rig will look much better. Get it fixed.


I've had my Mirage for a while and want the factory to look it over and fix anything that needs fixing. Can I do that?

Yes, we of course do repair work. However, be aware that most riggers in the field do a fine job of making minor repairs to rigs, and will pass anything big on to us anyway. The best idea is to take it to your local rigger first, then call us if the rigger recommends it, or you are not happy with your rigger's service. You are likely to save money, effort and rig downtime that way. If you do send in the rig to us please make sure to fill out a repair order form found here and include it in the box. If it is for a re-size or a harness adjustment please make sure you include measurements as per our measuring guide here. Please make sure to include your height and weight



Can I upgrade my G1 with Velcro riser covers to tuck tabs?

No, G1 containers cannot be retrofitted with tuck tabs.


Can I upgrade my current Mirage to a Unisyn chest and hip ring harness?

No, the Unisyn harness is a complex design and may not be retrofitted to an existing rig.


Does Mirage Systems have a trade in program?

No, we do not offer a trade in program for used gear.


Used Gear

I'm looking at buying a used Mirage. It's in nice shape but doesn't fit me too well. Is there anything you can do to make the harness smaller (bigger)?

Yes, there's a lot we can do. We are the best choice to do harness work, although Master Riggers are qualified to do this work as well. Whether it will be economically feasible is another question. There are many different kinds of harness adjustments, each with a different cost. For a price on your specific needs, please call us up or email tech support. We want to be sure every Mirage fits its owner properly.


Does Mirage Systems sell used gear?

Yes, Mirage Systems does on occasion sell used containers that have been used as demo equipment. Email the sales department for current selections.