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Stock Rigs 1-2 weeks …
Custom Parts 2 weeks … 
Stock Parts 1-2 days …
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Repairs and Rigging

Full Service

When in doubt, get professional help.

Whether performed by a rigger in the field or here at Mirage, routine maintenance and/or the occasional repair may be required.

Mirage provides full rigging and repair service for Mirage products only.  All items are sent to the Mirage Systems inspection department for evaluation prior to any work being done.  You will be contacted with a quote and estimated time.  Work will not begin until we receive your approval.

RMA Form

 After submitting this form to Mirage Systems, print the confirmation page and include a copy in the package containing your rig.  Packages without forms will not be tended to.

Submit individual forms for each container or item you are sending in.