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FAQ : Buying A Used Mirage

How To Determine If It Will Fit You & Your Canopies

1.  Get a photo of the TSO label from the seller.  On most Mirages it is on the back side of the pocket that holds the packing data card.  The label will have the following information:

  • Serial #
  • Date of Manufacture
  • Container Model
  • Container Size
  • Harness Size:

Main Lift Web / Leg Pads / Stabilizer / Yoke Ext (if applicable) / Stagger (if applicable)

2.  Use our Container Sizing Guide to confirm that your canopies will fit.

3.  Use our Harness Sizing Calculator to determine if the harness will fit you.

  • Main Lift Web : This can be adjusted.
    • Unisyn Hip & Chest Rings – least expensive to adjust
    • Hip Rings – more expensive to adjust
    • No Rings – most expensive to adjust
  • Leg Pads : These can be adjusted. The straps may or may not need to be adjusted as well.
  • Stabilizer (waist) : This cannot be adjusted.  +- .5″ from your size is usually acceptable.
  • Yoke Extension : This cannot be adjusted.  A standard yoke is usually acceptable for a person that needs a -1 yoke.  A -1 yoke is usually not desirable for a person that needs a standard yoke; the 3 rings will sit high on the shoulder and the chest strap may be too high.
  • Stagger : This lowers the leg pads for tall people. This can be adjusted.



  • Ask if any adjustments, modifications, or repairs have been done.  If yes, was the work done by Mirage Systems?
  • Ask if all of the parts are genuine Mirage parts.  Containers should come with:
    • Main Pilot Chute
    • Main Deployment Bag
    • Main Risers & Toggles
    • Main Cutaway Handle
    • Reserve Pilot Chute
    • Reserve Freebag
    • Reserve Toggles
    • Reserve Ripcord
    • RSL Lanyard (if applicable)
  • Have the rig inspected by your rigger.
  • Read the Mirage Owner’s Manual.