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RTS M8 # 42158911


This is a new container with an unfinished harness.
We can complete the main lift web to a specific size or to be adjustable.

Main Lift Web : Unfinished
Leg Pads : Adjustable
Stabilizer (waist) : Unfinished
Yoke : Std


Container Color : Solid Black
Embroidery Color : Silver & Royal Blue

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This container is set up with the following configuration:

  • Adjustable Harness  – or –  Fixed Harness
  • Adjustable Leg Pads with AFF Grip
  • Removable Belly Band
  • Trap System (MARD)
  • AAD Window on Yoke
  • Reserve Pindow
  • Breakaway BOC with JM Side Release
  • Secondary Main Closing Loop
  • Metal Reserve Ripcord
  • Red Cutaway Handle

Also available for an additional charge:

  • Hacky Handle
  • Collapsible Main PC
  • Ring Cover Embroidery
  • Mirage RTS Student Harness & Container System

  • Reserve Pilot Chute
  • Reserve Freebag
  • Reserve Toggles
  • Reserve Ripcord
  • Reserve Closing Loop
  • Reserve Packing Data Card
  • Main Pilot Chute & Handle
  • Main Deployment Bag
  • Main Risers & Toggles
  • Main Cutaway Handle
  • Main Closing Loop

* Main/Reserve Parachutes and AAD sold separately.

Additional information

RTS Size



Main Lift Web

Leg Pads

Stabilizer (waist)