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RTS M7 # 32906136


Slightly Used

Slightly Used means 0 to 10 jumps. These rigs could have been jumped a couple of times and didn’t fit, packed but not jumped, changed orders, or floor models.
The main lift web and leg pads CAN BE ADJUSTED to your size for $75 each. Stabilizer and yoke cannot be adjusted.

This container is set up with the following options:

  • Contoured Leg Pads
  • Standard RSL
  • Metal Reserve Ripcord
  • Hacky Handle or Freefly Handle

Also available for an additional charge:

  • Hook Knife
  • Semi-Stowless Main Bags
  • Belly Band – Small Sit Fly or Large Swoop
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This container is set up with the following options:

  • Unisysn Hip & Chest Ring Harness  or  Unisyn Hip Ring Only Harness
  • Contoured Leg Pads  or  Straight Leg Pads
  • RSL  or  Trap System
  • Piping
  • Soft Reserve Ripcord  or  Metal Reserve Ripcord
  • Red Cutaway Handle  or  Custom Colored Cutaway Handle
  • Hacky Handle  or  Freefy Hacky Handle  or  Freely Handle

Additional Options:

  • Hook Knife
  • Custom Riser Length
  • Swoop Loops

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Main Lift Web

Leg Pads

Stabilizer (waist)