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Mirage Stock


Listed prices include the options already on each rig.

Photos :   Stock rigs shown are unpacked.  Wrinkles and shape will correct when packed.

Canopy Compatibility :   Click to see our full canopy compatibility chart and guidelines.

Instructions :   To see which of these stock rigs can fit you, filter for your stabilizer & yoke.  ➡️


Pricing Note:   The G4.2 is now available in this size, so the G4.1’s are discounted.  There is no technical difference.  The G4.2 is a straighter, less curved rig.  We will, of course, continue to offer and support the G4.1 so you can choose the style of rig that you prefer.

Tip From The Alien:   If price is an issue, we recommend selecting one of the sale rigs while they last.  It is unlikely we will have this much of a selection on sale again. 👽👍

When stock G4.2’s are completed and uploaded to this page, the G4.1’s will be moved over to the short series and most likely taken off of sale.  The curved shape of the G4.1 makes it a slightly shorter rig than the G4.2.  Rig lengths can be found on our canopy compatibility chart as they become available.

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