Ryan Casserly

Introducing Young Alien – Ryan Casserly

Ryan Casserly

Ryan Casserly

Mirage Systems is excited to introduce our first Young Alien!

This young shredder is adorable and talented.  At only age ten, Ryan is paving the way not only for young aspiring girls but for children with disabilities of all kinds around the world.  Born with a foot and leg disorder and told she may never walk, Ryan has proven the doctors wrong.  Taking the number 11 spot in the 2017 IBA Global Kids Challenge she became an internet sensation.  With her slogan ‘Abilities not Disabilities’ she’s already a firm believer in the importance of hard work to overcome life’s challenges.

Ryan also loves to have fun.  She flies in the tunnel as often as she can and can’t wait to be old enough to join the big kids outside!  There is no denying that many young tunnel flyers of today will dominate the skies in only a few years.  We look forward to watching Ryan’s exciting future.  Work hard and stay humble Ryan!

Mirage understands that we must be ambassadors for our sport
and we are committed to sharing and encouraging the future skydivers of tomorrow.

Fun Facts About Ryan:

In The Tunnel

  • 1st tunnel flight: 2015
  • Current tunnel time: 50 hrs
  • Current favorite tunnel move: Ballerina
  • What move are you working on: Full Split
  • Favorite food for tunnel training: Pretzels
  • What style of skydiving is your favorite right now? Free Flying of course!

Outside Of The Tunnel

  • What do you do for fun when you’re not in the tunnel: I love playing with my sisters and camping.
  • Do you have any pets: Yes. 4 chickens and 2 dogs
  • What’s you favorite movie: Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children
  • Favorite Color: Teal
  • What’s your favorite subject in school?  English