Team Mirage Factory Sponsorship

Mirage Systems sponsors qualified athletes and instructors under a variety of plans suited to different situations. Below, please see our guidelines for submitting proposal for sponsorship and our different plans offered.

Sponsorship Application Guidelines

  • The proposal should be submitted in writing.
  • It should be sent as an attachment to an e-mail, either as a Word document or a PDF file.
  • In the proposal, describe your goals & plans (short and/or long term), and if appropriate, include a brief history of where you are coming from.
  • Please detail what kind of support you seek (models, sizes etc), and how supporting you will be beneficial for Mirage Systems.
  • Please make a note of how long you have been jumping Mirage containers and what models you are most familiar with.
  • Please note what containers you are currently using, how long you have had those and approximately how many jumps on them.
  • We would also like to see 2 or more letters of recommendation from other prominent members of the skydiving community of your choosing.
  • Please feel free to include anything you might want to share in the proposal, and remember that we welcome photos - it would be especially nice to get a mug shot or a photo where we can see your face.
  • And lastly, please make sure to include your contact details (email, telephone & mailing address - and Skype/MSN/AOL if you wish).

We utilize sponsorships as a marketing tool, and strive to gain maximum return on our investment and at the same time support skydivers around the world in their skydiving endeavors. We feel very strongly that sponsorship must be a two way street, and we seek to work with individuals and teams that are passionate and professional about the sport and our products. We seek to work with the best - people that can distribute information about our products, company and services - and represent Mirage Systems in a professional manner. Please keep in mind that most start up sponsorships are partial discounts. Sponsored individuals must also be in a position where they can refer potential customers to an authorized Mirage Systems Dealer, and assist the customer in making their buying decision. Please make a note in the proposal as to what dealer you will be working with.

Staff Sponsorship

Members of a drop zone's aerial staff (JMs & Instructors) may qualify to purchase Mirage containers directly from the factory at 35% off base price and 15% off the options if:

  • The initial order is for at least 3 rigs
  • Rigs are matching in design and color
  • DZ name or logo is embroidered on all rigs

Follow-on orders need only obey rules #2 & #3. Qualifying DZO personal rigs are billed at 50% off.

Competition Team Sponsorship

Active teams practicing or competing may qualify for sponsorship upon review by the Mirage Sponsorship Committee. Interested teams are encouraged to submit their resumes, all required information, and any questions to Mirage Systems for review. We are always interested in working with energetic, enthusiastic competitors at any level, whether they be seasoned pros or young startups.

Dropzone Sponsored Instructors

Dropzone sponsored instructors may singly qualify to purchase Mirage containers directly from the factory at 35% off the base price and 15% off the options if the below criteria is met:

  • Only one sponsored instructor per year per dropzone will be allowed.
  • The dropzone owner must agree and endorse the sponsored instructor.
  • Sponsorship proposal with accompanying letters of recommendation and all required information as stated above in sponsorship application guidelines is submitted.
  • Dropzone logo's must be on the rig.

Mirage Systems reserves the discretion to grant or deny all sponsorship requests regardless of criteria met.

We're looking for a few good men & women.

How to Apply

Please send your request and all required information to the following email