Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Does Mirage Systems offer a Military Discount?

Yes, we offer 30% off the retail price of the container and 0% off the options for active duty military members. You do not have to be a U.S. military (you may be coalition forces) but you do have to provide us with a current Military Identification Card, a State Issued Identification card, and proof of USPA membership or foreign equivalent.

You must pay 50% of the total cost before we will begin the build of your container if you choose to use the military discount.

You can deal directly with Mirage Systems for a Military Discount or you can choose to use your local dealer if you wish. Just complete the order form with Mirage Systems (or whatever dealer you choose) and list in additional instructions that it is a Military discount. Supply all verifying documents and half payment and we will get your rig underway.


Why should I buy a Mirage?

Several significant reasons stand out. First, we build each Mirage with uncompromising quality standards. We are located in DeLand, FL, THE skydiving industry town, so most of our production workers have worked for rig manufacturers before, some for as many as 20 years. Our people are very, very good. Our pin protection is second to none. That's very important these days as people push the boundaries of freefall more and more. Our reserve deployment is the fastest in the industry. Our comfort level is designed for serious jumpers making 8-10+ jumps per day for days on end. We want the most hard-core jumpers to feel at home. Want some more reasons? Ask someone with a Mirage.


The Mirage is not a cheap rig. How can I justify this when other rigs are available for a lot less?

Depending on your financial situation, you may not be able to. We made the Mirage for people who are looking for the highest quality product available to trust their lives to. The level of quality we have achieved costs more than what you can get away with if you use mediocre materials and don't do the detail work the way we do. Read this web site well, especially product information, and think about what you are buying a rig for. We hope this helps you make your choice.


I've seen other rigs have a reserve pilot chute that packs on the outside, or partially on the outside. Isn't that better, and why doesn't the Mirage use that?

We cover this question in our "Products" section. Look under Features | Powerful Reserve Deployment. Suffice it to say here that overall reserve deployment is a complex process governed by a number of variables, only one of which is where the pilot chute is packed. Far more important is how strong the pilot chute is and how well it grabs air.


I jump a high performance canopy and I have heard some people having trouble cutting away. Does the Mirage address this issue?

One of the main reasons for difficult cutaways is twisted risers, which bind the excess cutaway cable. Mirage Systems offers armored risers as standard equipment. These incorporate metal housings to provide a clear channel for the cutaway cables. Mirage Systems is also the only sport harness/container manufacturer to use the Mil spec one-piece cutaway housing end fitting. These end fittings provide cleaner cutaways and are much more resistant to failure during hard openings than are conventional amp fittings.


I'm coming to Florida and want to stop by. Where are you and when can I visit?

We're located in DeLand, 20 miles west of Daytona Beach. Take the main airport entrance off Rt. 92 (the road from Daytona), where the flag and marker are. We're about 100 yards up on the right. Office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM Monday - Friday. We'd love to show you what we're up to! Our physical address is 1501A. Lexington Ave., Deland, FL 32724


Can I still order a Mirage G3?

Yes, Mirage Systems is continuing production of the Mirage G3. There wasn't any reason to discontinue the very popular design. There are some options that are not available on the Mirage G3. The Mirage G3 is our base model container.


How is the RTS different from a G3 or G4?

The RTS is based on the tried-and-true G3 platform, with the addition of a number of modifications appropriate to the training environment. It has a removable belly band, to snug a large rig to a small body. It has a clear plastic window in the reserve pin cover flap for easy visual pin checks at any time, and an external yoke mounted Cypres pouch, so the Cypres can be activated and checked while the rig is being worn. The RTS also has a backpad carry handle and data pocket. It comes standard with large 3 rings and risers and an RSL. It can be equipped with optional radio pockets, an adjustable main lift web and leg pads, and a variety of popular main deployment systems.