Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


My Mirage reserve is sticking up much more then the pictures I've seen, and when I press on it, I can feel the pilot chute spring compress. Is that right?

No, you need a repack. Your reserve closing loop is too long and should be adjusted to spec by the rigger. This is particularly common when using a new closing loop, which may stretch a bit during the first week or two of being packed. Do not think that just because it's closed it's OK; the pilot chute will launch best when fully compressed, and a protruding reserve will knock into more things while you're moving around than a flat reserve. What's more, the rig will look much better. Get it fixed.


I've had my Mirage for a while and want the factory to look it over and fix anything that needs fixing. Can I do that?

Yes, we of course do repair work. However, be aware that most riggers in the field do a fine job of making minor repairs to rigs, and will pass anything big on to us anyway. The best idea is to take it to your local rigger first, then call us if the rigger recommends it, or you are not happy with your rigger's service. You are likely to save money, effort and rig downtime that way. If you do send in the rig to us please make sure to fill out a repair order form found here and include it in the box. If it is for a re-size or a harness adjustment please make sure you include measurements as per our measuring guide here. Please make sure to include your height and weight