Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Do I need regular three rings, or can I get the mini-rings?

Both work fine under normal circumstances. The tolerances are tighter with mini-rings, however, and if you use mini-risers too, we recommend changing them often. The most efficient set-up is the large (aka standard) ring on Type 8 (large) risers. Second most efficient set-up is a mini ring on Type 17 (mini) risers. The least efficient is the mini rings on large Type 8 risers. You can't get big rings on mini-risers. See the Owner's Manual for more info on this subject.


Are hip rings or chest rings worth the extra money?

Our Unisyn chest ring harness provides flexibility at both the hips and the chest, and offers several improvements over our standard and hip ring harnesses. In particular, the Unisyn provides padded stabilizers at the hip and comfort pads under all rings. The design of the Unisyn's lower rings is the same on the hip ring harness design allowing better articulation at the hip but the hip and chest rings provide better fit over the shoulder as well.

The Unisyn, released in August, 2001, is the most sophisticated harness on the market.


I have seen that other manufacturers have the stabilizers (aka laterals) "cut-into" the back pad. Can I get this on my Mirage G3?

Yes, the inset stabilizers are available but only with the Unisyn or hip ring only harness. It is a pay option on the G3 but comes included in the cost of a G4 if specified.


Can I get the elastic lumbar on my Mirage G3, like that found on the Mirage G4?

No, The elastic lumbar support is only available on the Mirage G4.


Can I get the Fancy Pants elastic leg strap retention on my Mirage?

No, we no longer offer the 2" thick elastic fancy pants option on any of our rigs. We do equip our rigs standard with the "butt bungee" used to help hold the leg pads in position at no extra charge. We also offer a tab to loop the bungee through directly under the main container as well if the bungee just between the legs isn't doing the trick. You won't have to ask for it directly, it comes standard on every container.


Are ring harnesses available on the RTS?

Typically we dont equip the RTS with ring harnesses. It is available with a standard, non-articulating harness or an adjustable harness.


I bought a used Mirage, and the harness doesn�t fit. What will it cost to have it re-sized to fit me?

The cost of resizing a harness can run from "not much" to "might as well buy a new rig", depending upon the type and size of the current harness, and the type and size of the replacement. Changing the length of the Main Lift Web on a Hip & Chest harness is probably the least expensive alteration, followed by changing the length of the leg-straps, which will also require a new set of leg-pads.

Any change in the size of the stabilizers (horizontal back-strap) requires that the back-pad be taken apart from the main container, and that new stabilizers and back-strap be manufactured and installed. If the rig has a standard harness, changing the length of the stabilizers also requires that a completely new harness be installed. Changing to another type of harness may also require that new stabilizers are needed.

The most expensive re-sizing involves a new harness, a new yoke and back-pad, new leg-straps, new leg-pads, new housings, new ripcord and a new cutaway. This is when "might as well buy a new rig" applies! Changing from one harness type to another can also result in the same complete re-build.

Details, details...It's all in the details!

Since there are so many variables involved, it is impossible to estimate the cost of any re-sizing without first getting all of the information needed. Send the following information to us and we can give you an accurate estimate of what re-sizing you rig will cost. We will need to know:

• The model, size and serial number of the current rig
• The type and size of the current harness
• Your measurements
• The type of new harness you want installed
• The type of hardware desired (Standard or Mini-rings, Cad plated or Stainless)

All of the details needed about the current harness are hand written on the TSO label, located in the packing data card pocket, on the underside of the yoke:

The model, size (such as G4.1 MT) and serial number of your rig will allow us to look up details about how it was originally built. Since your rig could have been modified after it was made, we also need the information as it is written on the TSO label.

The harness type will be written on the TSO label located on the right reserve riser, and will be listed as Hip & Chest, Hip Rings, or Standard. The size of the current harness will be something like "15, 19, Std., +.5", etc.

A very important part of estimating the cost of re-sizing your harness is having accurate measurements of your body. Have someone take your body measurements using our MEASURING GUIDE, which can be found on our website,, under PRODUCTS and then HARNESS MEASURING GUIDE. Be sure to measure over the jumpsuit and clothing that you would normally wear. In other words, don't wear a snowmobile suit when being measured, if you would normally wear shorts and a competition jumpsuit!

And finally, we need to know what type of new harness that you want (Hip & Chest Rings, Hip Rings, or Standard), and the type of hardware that you want (Standard or Mini-rings, and Cadmium plated or Stainless).

How long will it take?!

Resizing and repairs are completed in the order that we receive approval from you to do the work. We would never start work on your rig until you approve! Please keep in mind that your rig may not be the only rig being worked on. For example, if you approved the work on your rig today, we may have five repairs ahead of yours that were approved yesterday. Also, remember that shipping usually takes a few days, so don't ship the rig on Monday, and call on Friday to see if it is finished yet! (Yep. It happens...)

We do our best to get your rig back to you as soon as possible after we have your approval to start (No, really!). Your rig could be completed in as little as two days, but with all of the variables involved, it could take up to a month to process the required parts through the production line. The average time is about a week.

Getting Started

There are a couple of ways that you can get the process of re-sizing your harness started. The best way is to send the rig to us, and we will contact you with an estimate after we have examined it. If you choose this method, please include a completed REPAIR ORDER FORM with your rig. Go to our website,, select SUPPORT, then select REPAIR ORDER FORM. Complete the form and print it.

You may also choose to go to our website, complete the REPAIR ORDER FORM and submit it to us. We'll review the form and contact you to discuss the details and give you an estimated cost. Since we don't have your rig to look at, keep in mind that the estimate could change.

Etc., Etc.

Please keep in mind that estimates are, well, ESTIMATES, and are subject to change. However, once we have examined your rig and determined what it needs, you will be given a firm quote for the alterations. We will never start work on your rig until you have approved of the work to be done!

If your Mirage needs repairs in addition to changing the harness size, any repair costs will be included in the estimate.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at or by phone at 386-740-9222.