Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


I am a free flyer. Should I have a soft reserve ripcord handle or a metal one?

That is a decision you need to make after evaluating your situation. Many jumpers have switched to the soft reserve ripcord because they are much harder to snag accidentally, and an accidental head-down reserve deployment is unpleasant at best. Our exclusive metal handle ripcord is much smaller and less prone to snag than the traditional D-handle design. Jumpers wearing thick gloves might want to consider the Mirage metal handle over the soft reserve handle because it may be easier to grip under certain circumstances. Remember, this is your last parachute.


Does the Mirage have any free flyer specific features?

The Mirage G3 and G4 are both very freefly friendly. We designed our metal ripcord to be a smaller, lower profile to reduce snagging. In 1997 we developed secondary riser covers (Freefly Mods), which have since been copied but not duplicated by other manufacturers. In 1998 we made these secondary riser covers standard. Our low profile freefly handle is the most secure BOC handle available. Since the handle does not have any Velcro, it does not need routine maintenance like a pullout. The main bridle has zero exposure, and all cover flaps are designed to withstand wind from any direction without opening. Both our soft reserve handle and cutaway handle include anti-twist inserts to keep them from folding under the main lift webbing, so they will always be well presented for use. Many skydivers consider Mirage to be the most freefly friendly rig on the market.


Can I get the same backpad on my Mirage G3 that is offered on the Mirage G4.1?

Yes but it is a pay upgrade on the G3 and comes standard on the G4 at no extra cost. If you select the deluxe backpad option on the G3 you will receive a G4 backpad with the spacer foam and 1/2 inch padding under the spacer foam that runs up and over your shoulders as well. It truly is like wearing a pillow on your back.


What's the difference between the G3 and G4?

There are a number of significant changes that went into the G4. However, the underlying technology and safety features of the G3 remain unchanged. Three changes are obvious. First, the container has a new, streamlined profile for improved aerodynamics. Second, the G4 comes standard with a specially padded backpad for better comfort on the ride to altitude. Third, the reserve pin cover flap has been downsized, which allows much easier pin checks while still staying closed at all wind angles. Other changes are beneath the surface. The reserve uses a new Parapak molar freebag for durability and ease of packing. The RSL system takes advantage of the new floating yoke design to simplify lanyard routing.


How durable is the padded back pad on the Mirage G4?

Our sponsored athletes in the field have made well over 1000 jumps on their Mirage containers and they are not showing any signs of premature wear. The spacer foam covering material we chose is the same material most manufacturers are using and it has proven extremely durable. There is no reason that the Mirage G4.1 back pad covering will not last as long as the rest of the container.


What's the difference between the G4.0 and G4.1?

Mirage Systems released the Mirage G4.0 in July 2002. This was a fresh new shape and added features in comfort. However, riggers found the G4.0 difficult to pack without wrinkling. In January 2003, Mirage Systems released the Mirage G4.1. The Mirage G4.1 incoporates a slightly different, sleeker shape than the G4.0. The new shape accommodates main canopy down sizing much better and packs easily without wrinkles. Improvements are always in the works thanks to customer feedback.


How durable is the G4 standard elastic lumbar support? Doesn't elastic wear out?

Elastic does wear out. Mirage Systems has done extensive research to find an elastic blend that is both durable and provides stretch. Max Cohn of Generation Freefly probably puts our container through more rigorous jumps than anyone else. Max has made well over 1000 jumps on his Mirage G4's and they are not showing any signs a premature wear. We had thought that the elastic lumbar support would last approximately 300-400 jumps. Max's long-term durability tests have far surpassed our estimates. The elastic lumbar supports are easily replaceable. Replacement elastic bands will will be replaced free of charge for the life of your container by Mirage Systems.


Why did Mirage Systems switch to a molar free bag on the Mirage G4?

On the previous Mirage harness/container models the common request from riggers was to make closing the reserve container easier and more aesthetically pleasing. There were two factors that contributed to riggers problems. Riggers were more familiar with packing a molar free bag and the inexperience packing a Mirage left too much reserve canopy volume in the middle. The molar free bag's design addresses both issues. It is also made of Para-pak so it can more easily absorb rough handling such as vigorous use of packing paddles. See the Mirage G4.1 on-line manual for more information on packing the reserve.


I am a free flyer. Does the G4 have any free flyer specific features?

The Mirage G4 is very freefly friendly. It incorporates all the freefly features of the G3, and it also brings a rounder, more aerodynamic profile. Furthermore, the reserve pin cover flap has been reshaped for easer pin checks, while still maintaining excellent flap retention. Take the product tour of our containers to learn just how exceptionally freefly friendly our rigs are.


What deployment systems are available on the RTS?

The RTS comes standard with traditional Bottom-of-Container (BOC) hand deployed 36” F1-11 main PC. We use the large diameter because a training rig typically carries heavier mains, and students prefer positive openings. The RTS can optionally be configured for a main ripcord mounted either on the BOC pouch opening or on the hip. The main ripcord is reusable and disposable and uses a length of plastic tubing for the handle, just like the throw-out PC. For added security during AFF, Mirage Systems offers the “breakaway BOC” pouch. This system adds a loop handle at the bottom of the rig on the reserve side. This handle both “unzips” the BOC pouch, releasing the contents, and also pulls the main ripcord, if that system is in use. Static line deployment is also available in direct bag format, configured for the specific jump aircraft.


Information on the Mirage Trap System!

Mirage Systems is accepting orders for its new MARD system.

Non MARD delivery times are currently 6-8 weeks.

MARD delivery times are currently 12-14? weeks and a deposit is required to be assigned a production date.

The MARD system is a $250 option.

Rushes are not yet available for MARD rigs.

The Mirage MARD is not available for retro-fit on used rigs.

The Mirage Trap System is a patented MARD unlike any other on the market.

The Mirage Trap System is the first MARD to not interfere with or change the reserve system.

A MARD system utilizes the RSL to deploy the reserve free bag upon cutaway.

A MARD system is a 'super RSL'.

The Mirage MARD is the Trap System. (logo)

It's not the Skyhook & it's not the DRX.

Q & A

Why is it named the Trap system?

Have you seen it?

Who invented it?

Alien names are impossible to pronounce, so we call it the Mirage Trap System..

How exactly does it work?

If the RSL is used, it traps the reserve bridle and basically direct bag deploys your reserve.

Can I get it on stock or custom?

Yes, it's the same price either way. (But stock delivery time will be delayed 4wks - we're waiting for our labels.)

Can it be retro fitted onto used gear? (Customers will ask why not?)

No because we don't have FAA approval for retro-fits.

It is available on new rigs only. At this time we don't have FAA approval for retro-fits and it is uncertain if it will be available in the future.

Will it be available for retro-fit later? ( Customer will ask why not?)

We don't know.

I'm a dealer, do I get a 15% discount?

No, the mard is not discounted.

How many times can I use it?

It doesn't have a limit, but we require that it be sent back to Mirage for re-inspection after 3 uses.

Is it easy for my rigger to inspect and pack.

Yes, it's very rigger friendly. It even has a way for you to check it after it's packed.

Will packing instructions be available?

Yes, definitely.

How is it different than the Skyhook?

Ours is better. ;)

Seriously though, it's a different approach. The Trap System is not attached to your reserve until your RSL is actually used. It's a true 'non-interference' system. This means that it doesn't need to disconnect itself for a normal reserve deployment such as a reserve pull without a main out or an AAD fire. Your reserve won't know it's there until/unless it's Trap'd.

Can I add it to my existing order?

Call us to determine the status of your order; we will try to accommodate all requests. Please be aware that adding the MARD option may extend your delivery date.

What if I just purchased a Mirage recently?

Unfortunately, we cannot retro-fit used rigs. However, please contact our office and we will let you know what your options are. Mirage strives hard to take care of it's customers. (50/15 <30days)

Alien Interview Questions:

How did this project come about?

We worked closely with the humans at Mirage. They even had some good ideas. We're pleased with the final product.