Beveled Bug with Glow (.jpg)
» Beveled Bug with Glow 300 dpi 2394 x 2622 pix ( 466 kB)
Bug Logo (.jpg)
» 72dpi 150x158 ( 7 kB)
» 72dpi 500x526 ( 33 kB)
Mirage Logo in Vectorized Format (Adobe Illustrator file)
» Mirage Logo In Vectorized Format (Adobe Illustrator File) ( 947 kB)
Mirage Systems Lettering (.jpg)
» Mirage Systems Lettering ( 889 kB)
Mirage Systems Lettering (Adobe Illustrator File)
» Mirage Systems Lettering (Adobe Illustrator File) ( 932 kB)
Mirage web address in G4 Font (adobe illustrator file)
» Mirage web address in G4 Font (adobe illustrator file) ( 888 kB)

Publications Ads

Mirage Quiz Ad

Our publication ad titled "Mirage Quiz"

» Mirage Quiz ( 16,490 kB)
Nice Rigs

Our publication ad titled "Nice Rigs"

» Nice Rigs ( 22,495 kB)
Wing It ad

This is one of our ads in Parachutist. Click on the link to open in a new browser or right click the link and select "save link as" to download to your local machine.

» Wing It Ad 72 dpi 815 x 666 px ( 560 kB)

Service Bulletins

12-04 Product Service Bulletin

Our 12-04 Product Service Bulletin and instructions to perform the necessary repairs.

» 12-04 PSB Procedures ( 659 kB)
» 12-04 PSB Explained ( 7 kB)
Trap System Packing Instructions

Packing Instructions for the Trap System. The Trap System is Mirage's newest product, a non-interference M.A.R.D. (main assisted reserve deployment).

» Trap System Packing Instructions ( 5,831 kB)


If you would like to save a manual to your computer, right click on the name and select save link.

Mirage G4
» Owner's Manual ( 6,165 kB)
Mirage G3
» Owner's Manual ( 881 kB)
Mirage RTS
» Owner's Manual ( 926 kB)


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